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The Path To Wealth and Financial Success

south bend real estate investing

The typical American believes the road to wealth is through college. The general belief is that a college degree will enable you to get a good job, and if you put in the extra work that job will increase in pay and stature overtime. Of course, the more you make at that job, the more money  you can save for retirement. Sadly, the typical American is in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.


According to Tim Chen,  Nerd Wallet here is the U.S. household consumer debt profile as of January 2014:

  • Average credit card debt: $15,270
  • Average mortgage debt: $149,925
  • Average student loan debt$32,258

In total, American consumers owe:

  • $11.36 trillion in debt
    • A decrease of .1% from last year
  • $856.9 billion in credit card debt
  • $7.93 trillion in mortgages
  • $1,049.0 billion in student loans
    • An increase of 11.% from last year

We italicized student loans to help make a point. Now, don’t get this wrong. Scholastic education is important, but, it is not the key to financial success.

Why Real Estate Investing & What Does It Take In Succeed?

To success in real estate you need to learn about how money works, understand how to get help other peoples time, efforts, and money to generate cashflow enough for both you and them to grow.

  • Ways to tap other peoples time, labor, and money

Other people’s time and money can be tapped via partnerships, seller financing, equity lines of credit, hard money lender loans, credit cards, and crowd-funding.

  • Do the numbers make sense?

Finding the right property is a matter of homework, experience, and even that gut feeling — if supported by the numbers. Of course, this is all easier said than done, but, real estate investing and understanding tax codes has proven to make more multi-millionaires than any other industry.

  • Embrace the industry

Real estate has also broken a heart or two. Demand for real estate in most areas is increasing due to a growing population and medical advances that prolong life. In the surrounding South Bend region, there seems to be an endless supply of buyers looking for everything from their first home to their retirement home.


Why Consider South Bend Real Estate Investing?

South Bend Investing - KembleNow, before we get too deep into making money in the South Bend, Indiana real estate investment market. It is important as a novice investor you under the key benefits of “South Bend Real Estate Investment “. In your next blog post, we will do just that.

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