South Bend Educational System Provides Opportunity For Real Estate Investors.

Best College Town for investors South Bend Indiana

The Formula for Real Estate Investment Success

Elite Colleges + Slow Economy = Investment Property Opportunities in South Bend, Indiana

Two simple reasons why South Bend, Indiana presents the perfect conditions for wholesale property investors to make a ton of money. The South Bend area has more than 32,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at 14 institutions of higher education and secondly on Jan. 21, 2011 Newsweek named South Bend as eighth on its list of “Dying Cities.” However, the National Civic League also recently recognized South Bend as an “All-American City.”

If you’re serious about getting rich, now is the time. We’ve entered a period of mass-produced pessimism, when bad news is everywhere, and the best time to invest is when optimists become pessimists.

South Bend is considered one of the homes of the finest higher education institutions in the nation. The most well-known of these of course are the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University – School of Medicine. suggested that interested investors should look for areas with high student populations and a higher average cost of rent.

To learn about the educational institutions in the greater South Bend area, and to locate investment wholesale property investment opportunities around them, contact John Tiffany.

South Bend Universities Where Investors Find Win-Win Real Estate

With strong demand for rentals, low vacancy rates and rent prices on the rise, investing in rental property in a college town can make sense. Wall Street Journal’s Stacey Delo talks with Andrea Coombes about a new report that points to 10 top markets to consider… Guess who’s #1?

South Bend Indiana Colleges

In addition to the great investment opportunity surrounding South Bend institutions of higher education, are it’s other academic facilities see below:

Public Schools

Private & Parochial Schools in the South Bend Metro Area


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