Having a Closing Attorney is critical for property flipping success.

Hire me south bend real estate property flipping success

Property Flipping Success Requires Knowledge & Speed

Property flipping success starts with building the right team. And, the first person you want to put on your team is a good closing attorney. You can ask people at your local REIA for recommendations.

You want to find a really good closing attorney who understands how to do wholesale business and can handle a large volume of business. Our attorneys typically close 500 or 1,000 deals a year. You have to have somebody who understands that you are going to bring them a lot of volume, and they have to be able to handle it, and get it done in a very, very quick and timely manner.

Finding The Right Attorney For Closing Deals

South Bend Invest Property Flipping SuccessMany legal firms market themselves as a “full-service attorney office”, however, the biggest issue is that the attorney(s) absolutely needs to have a good understanding of assignment fees and/or double closings, and a strong working knowledge of how it all works.

For us, in South Bend these is none better than Steve Eslinger. If you are going to have property flipping success finding the right attorney is where it begins. If he/she cannot get past that one hurdle, then he’s not the right closing attorney for you.

Why is an Attorney with Closing Experience Important?

At the end of the day what we are talking about here is, buying a home or getting a home under contract, and then assigning your rights in that contract to your end buyer so they actually go to the closing and close with their funds as opposed to yours. You collect an assignment fee in that process. You have to have a closing attorney who is not only comfortable with the entire process, but is well-versed, knows exactly how to handle these and is doing a lot of these types of closings.

Property Flipping Success Depends On Team Smarts

Indiana enterprise digital marketing and fiber technologyWhen you are talking to closing attorneys or a title agency, if they don’t know those things, then you simply cannot do business with them. It’s just that simple. I would tell you, you absolutely positively have to have a closing attorney that understands how to deal with investors, understands what the wholesaling environment is, and understands how to handle the closing in these types of situations.  Do not settle for anything less.

I Just Want To Invest, Not Start A Business.

You have come to the right place. South Bend Invest already works with a team of real estate brokers, lawyers, remodel experts, mortgage title professionals, and super-star marketers.

If you are just looking to grow investment returns without the hassle of starting a business, contact South Bend Invest to get started on your property flipping success.

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