Why South Bend? Video

Watch a video that highlights the character and potential of South Bend. More »

Why Not South Bend? Video.

Watch a video that highlights the character and potential of South Bend. More »

The Spirit Of South Bend

Watch a video that highlights the character and potential of South Bend. More »

Wholesale Investment Properties

Residential and commercial property prices have hit rock bottom  - and are starting to heat up. There will probably never be a better time to invest. Warren Buffet is not usually wrong: “If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes I would load up on them.” More »

Why South Bend, Indiana?

South Bend fits the future:

  • Ingenious collaborative research
  • A business-friendly entrepreneurial environment
  • Strong-city-university partnerships
  • All in an affordable, culturally rich community.
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Do you know why now is the best time to invest in South Bend?

South Bend Invest Beginner's Start Learning about real Estate Investing


  • Develop a real estate professional mindset.
  • Create a real estate investment strategy.
  • Pick your style: Flip, Cashflow, Retirement.
  • Do not get stuck on financing realty deals.
  • Always do your property homework twice.
  • Connect with local investor networks.
  • Read and learn the language of Pros.
  • Remember – no one knows everything.
  • Bring a high power closing attorney to the team.
  • Hire a great bookkeeper / accountant.
  • Do not quit your full-time job yet. 


Accredited Realty Investment Opportunity in South Bend Indiana

As an accredited real estate investor you are already aware of the fundamentals of the deal, and you obviously have the financing needed to avoid last minute negotiation breakdowns due to funding.

What you do not have is an extension to your realty investment team that has the knowledge, reputation, and trust of the South Bend region like South Bend Invest.

We work with Asset Managers across the companies to help our investors find the best REO investment opportunities. As well as, have partnerships with remodeling contractors and property management services that deliver top-rank service. Getting started with South Bend Invest is as easy and 1 – 2- 3. See below and get started investing in South Bend, Indiana real estate property today!


Before you invest in anything do your due diligence.

Step 1 - Do you homework on South Bend investment porperties and South Bend Invest PropertyOne reason South Bend is ideal for real estate investors is due to its close proximity to elite Universities. That said, not every South Bend home is a good investment.

Download the South Bend Invest: REO Success Kit to learn how we help match investors with the perfect opportunities.»

You have done your homework … now, we do ours!

Step 2 - Register with South Bend Investment PropertyYou’ve done your homework on South Bend Investment properties, and South Bend Invest’s property selection process. Next, we need to learn about your investment goals to align you with the ideal investments.

Register today and one of our REO Broker specialist with contact you to better understand to cash-flow and value requirements. » [/one_third][one_third_last]Find profitable  opportunities in South Bend Now!

Step 3 - Find hot South Bend Investment PropertyBuy low, sell high. Buy high, rent higher. The median price for homes sold in the metro area has dropped about 20% over the past three years. Slowly they are beginning to rise. Don’t get left behind.

CNN Money Magazine’s insights on South Bend investment property are bullish. 
Start bidding today!

Indiana REO Broker - John Tiffany - South Bend Invest - Asset ManagerOur investment success is based on strategic focus, broad sourcing capabilities, comprehensive due diligence, and hands-on asset manager. If you are a REO Asset Manager seeking fast and hassle-free turnaround on Northern Indiana property, South Bend Invest has you covered.

Real Estate Assess Manager's Ebook To South Bend Investment Properties

FREE DOWNLOAD >>> A Real Estate Asset Manager’s Guide To Quick Turnaround In Northern Indiana 

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